10 Aug

Storybook Theme

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Storybook Premium Tumblr Theme

Storybook theme is a custom made absolutely stunning premium theme for tumblr. It is hand crafted to perfection with its finely detailed illustrations that make this theme so exquisite. The snappy colours and very rich textures and the design in which it is styled is inspired by age old children’s story books. It literally takes you back to relive all your fairy tales.

The Storybook theme for Tumblr is really easy to install. Just copy, paste install, all in a matter of a few minutes. It also includes Google analytics and has a stylized Disqus comment support.

Storybook, with its huge variety of customization, allows you to personalize your site to suit your need. The story book theme also supports all kinds of Tumblr posts including Text, Link, Audio, Quote, Image, Video and chat.

You can also integrate other feeds into the site such as your Twitter feed and Flickr feed for optimum integration.

The Storybook theme is cross browser compatible and works with IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox 3, Firefox 4, Chrome 4, Chrome 5, Chrome 6, Chrome 7, Chrome 8, Chrome 9, Safari 4 and Safari 5. It is super easy to navigate around. Story book theme is ideal for a personal, creative portfolio.


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