13 Jul


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Prepare to be Ziked! Yes Ziked, an uber cool premium theme for Tumblr.

Ziked is a simple theme for tumblr that possesses much energy and loads of colour! The designers of ziked have outdone themselves to give you a whole new look to your Tumblr site. What’s even more awesome is that you can customize it to suit your every requirement. This can easily be done using the Tumblr’s customize interface.

Ziked is also super easy to install. Just copy, paste install, all in a matter of 30 seconds. It also includes google analytics and has a stylized Disqus comment support.

Ziked is the epitome of customization as it allows you to upload your own header image and back ground image. Ziked also supports all kinds of Tumblr posts including Text, Link, Audio, Quote, Image, Video and chat.

You can also integrate other feeds into the site such as you twitter feed, and it is  inclusive of add followers, and add likes too.

Ziked is cross browser compatible and is super easy to navigate around. It is ideal for a personal portfolio or creative commercial use.


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