16 Jul

Reflexx Theme

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Reflexx is a premium theme for tumblr. Reflexx is absolutely stunning with its immaculate layout, it is just super cool. It also has amazing icons and fine-looking typography that makes it suitable for any kind of site, from professional, commercial and/ or personal portfolios.

Reflexx is progressively coded in HTML5, but however it gracefully degrades in older browsers with the inclusion of the unique HTML5_shiv. It also has uber cool Css3 animations that also degrade gracefully in older browsers.

Having said that Reflexx is cross browser compatible and works with IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox 3, Firefox 4, Chrome 4, Chrome 5, Chrome 6, Chrome 7, Chrome 8, Chrome 9, Safari 4 and Safari 5.

Reflexx also includes a custom accent text colour that enables you to customized text colour to suit you every need.  It also allows you to upload a custom logo too!

Reflexx also comes with a built in Disqus comment support and an optional archive. It also has RSS navigation links that are inbuilt into the theme.


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